About Us

Based in Berlin, Germany, Mirage Computer Graphics (Mirage CG) produces photo realistic 3D renderings for the aircraft industry, principally for VIP jets, but also interior architecture, yachts, and consumer products. With more than 20 years of experience in the 3D rendering process, with projects ranging from the visualization of architecture and transportation to commercials, watches and electronic devices, Mirage CG has, for the past 10 years, concentrated its efforts on the aircraft industry.​

Our goal is to help you for the visualization of your projects, extending the expertise of your team. We are always trying to give our feedback while proposing the more convenient solutions for your requests.

With passion, we participate in the elaboration of the project and it's visual appeal.

The following have already used our services:

Alberto Pinto, Airbus Helicopter, Boeing, Bombardier, Berra Blanquer Design Consultants, Clerc, DxO, Edése Doret Industrial Design, Happy Design Studio,  Louis Vuitton, Lufthansa Technik,  SNCF, Sky Aircraft, Wally...